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Frank Lonardelli and the balance of Calgary Commercial Real Estate Development and Family Life

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Frank Lonardelli and the balance of Business in Calgary and Family Life

When you are in the middle of four major commercial real estate development projects sometimes, and this is probably true for all of us in any situation, stopping to appreciate why we are “here” can be the greatest gift one can give to one’s self. Frank Lonardelli is a very private man when it comes to his family life but he would be the first to agree that he probably works so hard because (1) he takes pride in his workmanship and, what many people may not know, (2) he wants his family to have the things he never had growing up. See Frank Lonardelli’s Winnipeg Life for that story.

As the other posts have mentioned, we are in the process of designing this so all material is temporary.

Commercial Real Estate in Calgary
There are many big names in Canada when it comes down to the handling of Commercial Real Estate. There are the large global names and then there are those that started off as offices solely based in Canada, and made such an impact that they were able to expand into America and even globally.

Avison Young is an example of the latter, and it won Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies in February 2012.  Building up a reputation is vital when it comes to growing a business, and they have certainly done it well. Rather than creating a set model and forging everyone around it, they have done the opposite. They understand that everyone is looking for something a bit different when it comes to Commercial Real Estate, it has to be something that fits their own personality as well as the personality of their business. Avison Young have created a formula for success. With a loose working model, they are able to take everyone’s specific specifications and requirements into consideration, and build the model around them.  As a result, Avison Young is currently the largest Commercial Real Estate company in Canada, with offices in the cities of Calgary and Toronto, amongst others.

As the other posts have mentioned, we are in the process of designing this so so all material is temporary.

There are plenty of properties up for sale, rent or lease in Canada, so it’s all a case of deciding what you want, how big you want it to be, and in what location. The price also vary greatly depending on the type of property and its location. An example of the difference in price can be shown by the comparison of these two plots of land. Both are in Calgary, but one one pslot is $1,500,000 CAD for 0.46 Acres, whilst the other is double that at $3,000,000 CAD for 0.4 Acres. So what creates this immense difference in price? The location. The former has great exposure to a busy commercial/retail corridor, whilst the latter is on the main thoroughfare in a prime spot, meaning that it the exposure is even greater.


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